We would like to congratulate 2014's awarded artists:

First Prize in Traditional Printmaking, and Individual Exhibition:

Guy Langevin, Canada
Angelos 3, 2014

First Prize in Experimental Printmaking, and Individual Exhibition:

Ursula Hülsewig, Germany
2 Köpfe, 2012


The official opening of the 2014 International Contemporary Miniprint of Kazanlak! The exhibition is currently showcased at Gallery for the Arts of Kazanlak ISKRA4, at the heart of the Rose Festival cultural festivities.

This second selection features over 180 works from 53 artists coming from 26 different countries, making it our most international exhibition to date!

We would like to thank all the participating artists in this 2014 edition! Their beautiful work and creative dedication to the field of printmaking is what has made this event possible, and we hope that they and many more will join us in this newly celebrated tradition in the town of Kazanlak in the years to come!




Unconfirmed scenery...

As well as this space with an infinite expanse, infinite expression space spreads out in our heart. I take a trip to the space of the heart on a spaceship named the sensitivity and want to come across unseen scenery.

-Isao Kobayashi

Due to the overwhelming positive response to our 2014 exhibition, the show is officially hosted by the Art Gallery Stara Zagora (27 Ruski Str.) in the city of Stara Zagora from July 2nd to July 16th 2014! 

This extension will allow the Miniprint Kazanlak 2014 exhibition to be viewed by even more visitors in the administrative centre of its municipality and the Stara Zagora Province.

Stara Zagora is about 231 kilometres (144 mi) from Sofia, near the Bedechka river in the historic region of Thrace. With more than 8000 years of history, it is one of the oldest continuously populated places in Europe. The Art Gallery Stara Zagora is located at the heart of the city, at the heart of its booming cultural center and numerous touristic destinations.





The 2014 jury consisted of Cleo Wilkinson (Australia/UK), Isao Kobayashi (Japan) & Peter Boyadjieff (Bulgaria), presided over by the direction of Miniprint Kazanlak, in collaboration with the city of Kazanlak’s administrative council.

On behalf of our organization team, we wish to express our sincere gratitude to the 2014 Jury; their experience and exceptional commitment has allowed for a wide selection of varied and engaging work to take part in this second edition, and further corroborates the Contemporary Miniprint of Kazanlak’s ambition in becoming a forum for discussion and collaborative exchange between artists and art lovers in the years to come. 




Peter Boyadjieff is an artist born in Kazanlak, Bulgaria. He holds a Masters in Fine Arts and Design at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia with additional specialization in computer graphics, at the I.C.A.R.I. Art School in Montreal. He has worked in a number of art-related fields as creative and art director, including printmaking, corporate identity development and integration of public art in architecture. His work has also been selected and showcased in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Europe, North America, South America and Asia, and is part of many public and private collections worldwide.



Annette Caspeller, Denmark
Lyrical organs, 2014

Janne Laine, Finland
Cousin VII, 2013

Kinichi Maki, Japan
Time Slip 1, 2014

Eva Toker, Argentina

Diana Kleiner, Argentina
Sandman 1, 2013



Cleo Wilkinson has an Bachelor of Fine Arts (honours) degree from Auckland University (New Zealand). Her mezzotints have been exhibited in over 200 international juried group and solo exhibitions. She has been an artist in residence and visiting artist in over 30 international locations. Cleo has been awarded numerous major international print awards.


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Irene Podgornik Badia- Italy
Babiscia- Italy
Bado- France
Stephen Barnwell- USA
Margaret Becker- England
Marcelle Benhamou- France
Jaka Bonča- Slovenia
Annette Caspeller- Denmark
Adriano Castro- Brazil
Michael Connors- USA
Margot Cormier Splane- Canada
Adam Czech- Poland
Roger Dewint- Belgium
Eve Eesmaa- Estonia
Floki Gauvry- Argentina
Colin Gillespie- England
Richard Hricko- USA
Ursula Hülsewig- Germany
Heather Huston- Canada
Maja Ilic- Netherlands
Alexandru Jakabhazi- Romania
Diana Kleiner- Argentina
Nefeli-Maria Kyriacou- Greece
Yvan Lafontaine- Canada
Janne Laine- Finland
Guy Langevin- Canada
Stephen Lawlor- Ireland
Tabitha Logan- Canada
Akiko Suzuki- Japan
Adriana Lucaciu- Romania
Bernadette Madden- Ireland
María Elena Mainieri- Argentina
Kinichi Maki- Japan
Katherine Marmaras- Australia
Nicolas Mocan- France
Gunn N. Morstøl- Norway
Csaba Pál- Hungary
Paolo Pestelli- Italy
Eija Pii- Finland
Henri Pouillon- Belgium
Lauren McKinley Renzetti- Canada
Russ Revock- USA
Catherine Rozmarynowycz- USA
Grainne Ruane- Ireland
Feliks Sarv- Estonia
Hanne Sie- Denmark
Ruth Thompson- Australia
Eva Toker- Argentina
Yoshie Uchida- Japan
Valdeta Veliu- Albania
Daniela Zekina- Bulgaria

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