Our fourth selection featured over 260 works from 92 artists and 36 different countries, making it our most international exhibition to date! Among all these quality works, Miniprint Kazanlak was pleased to award the 2016 First Prize for Traditional Printmaking to Deborah Chapman (Canada), and the 2016 First Prize for Experimental Printmaking to William Barnhart (USA). 

On behalf of our organization team, we wish to express our sincere gratitude to the 2016 Jury comprised of  of Rafael Kenji (Brazil), Kinichi Maki (Japan) & Peter Boyadjieff (Bulgaria), presided over by the direction of Miniprint Kazanlak, in collaboration with the city of Kazanlak’s administrative council. Their experience and exceptional commitment has allowed for a wide selection of varied and engaging work to take part in this fourth edition!

ARGENTINA: Floki Gauvry, Diana Kleiner, Eva Toker Jawerbaum, Eirini Fokas AUSTRALIA: Ruth Thompson BELGIUM: Henry Pouillon BOLIVIA: Ana Barroso Calle BRAZIL: Adriano Castro, Rafael Kenji, Maria Kruschewsky, Jose Lima Arruda, Djenane Pamplona, ZeRo Schneedorf, Leo Vinicius BULGARIA: Peter Boyadjieff, Daniela Zekina CANADA: Mariko Ando, Valérie Boivin, Myles Calvert, Deborah Chapman, Renée Chevalier, Lillianne Daigle, Yvan LaFontaine, Lauren M. Renzetti, Ilana Pichon CHILE: Camila Zaccarelli CHINA: Zheng Yuanwei CROATIA: Marija Tomaz DENMARK: Annette O. Caspeller EGYPT: Mohamed Zakaria: FINLAND: Hannele Heino, Lars Holmström, Eeva Huotari, Janne Laine FRANCE: Marcelle Benhamou, Florence Chapuis, Saeko Furukata GERMANY: Ursula Hülsewig GREECE: Elsa Charalampous, Amaryllis Siniossoglou HUNGARY: Pál Csaba INDIA: Mandeep Manu Singh ISRAEL: Haya Weisshaus ITALY: Babiscia (Barbara Fallini), Pier Giacomo Galuppo JAPAN: Haruko Cho, Norico Conno, Takanori Iwase, Isao Kobayashi, Kana Kobayashi, Kinichi Maki, Hayashi Mariko, Atsushi Matsuoka, Shinobu Mitsuhashi, Yoshiaki Murakami, Kumiko Nakajima, Mia O, Akari Sugimoto, Takae Suzuki, Yasufumi Takano KOREA SOUTH: Hyejeong Kwon NEW ZEALAND: Mark Graver NORWAY: Line Marsdal POLAND: Marcin Bochenek, Adam Czech, Paweł Delekta, Agnieszka Dobosz, Weronika Siupka, Anna Irena Tomica REPUBLIC OF IRELAND: Margaret Becker, Pamela de Brí, Paula Pohli ROMANIA: Iosif Mihailo SLOVAKIA: Zdenek Bugan SLOVENIA: Jaka Bonča, Alja Košar SOUTH AFRICA: Eleanora Hofer SPAIN: Veronica Domingo, Iñaki Elosua Urkiri SWEDEN: Ann-Kristin Källström TAIWAN: Mengling Liao UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE): Ahlam Al Arif, Fatima Al Marri UK: Colin Gillespie, Neil Johnstone, Renata Sosinska USA: William Barnhart, Akemi Ohira, Adam Rake, Christopher Rigney, Sarah Smelser, Sylvia Solochek Walters



Deborah Chapman
Surplombant le vide / 2015
Mezzotint / 10x10 / 18x18 / 1/25


William Barnhart
Two 4 One / 2015
Drypoint etching / 10x10 / 18x18 / 1/10


Janne Laine
Misty Island I / 2015
Aquatint, polymergravure / 10x10 / 18x18 / 1/48

Weronika Siupka
Gate 1 / 2014
Etching / 7x10 / 9x12 / 1/1

Zheng Yuanwei
Rare bird - Chinese Sparrowhawk / 2015
Wood engraving / 10x9 / 15x15 / 1/20

Haruko Cho
B-cushion plover-8 / 2015
Digital print / 10x10 / 19x19 / 1/30

Mark Graver
New Zealand
A. auricla-judae / 2015
Digital inkjet / 10x10 / 19x19 / 1/4

Yoshiaki Murakami
Fossil of Flight Seed / 2016
Mixed media / 14x14 / 19x19 / 1/30


Rafael Kenji

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, 1987. Bachelor degree on Design - Visual Communication at Centro Universitário SENAC (São Paulo), 2010, where took drawing and printmaking classes with teacher and artist Ernesto Bonato. Had woodcutting and intaglio (drypoint) classes with artist Ulysses Bôscolo and initiated apprenticeship on metal engraving (burin) with master engraver João Gilberto Mazzotti, in 2012. 

Since 2009, a member of Atelier Piratininga, an independent collective printmaking studio, where has been working on drawing, wood engraving and intaglio. besides teaching printmaking workshops at cultural spaces. His search in art is a search for consciousness; as a process works with direct observation of nature and tries to learn the meaning of each form, their gesture and movement, and their environment and cycles. It is an apprenticeship on being calm, on listening, on being present and whole.

Kinichi Maki

Member of Japan Artists’ Association, Junior Member of SHUYO-KAI Art Society, Member of Yokohama Art Society (Japan)
Born in 1938 in Japan, graduated in 1963 from Waseda University. Recent awards include the First Prize(Experimental printmaking) - International Contemporary MiniPrint Kazanlak (Bulgaria 2015), First Prize International Triennal Contraste awards for digital fine art printmaking (Switerland 2014), Excellence Jury Prize: 2nd International Enter-into-Art Installation 2016 Germany 2016), Honorable Mention : Biennial International Miniature Print Exhibition (Canada 2014), Honorable Mention : 8th International Digital Art Miniprint Exhibtion 2013 (Canada 2013) 

Peter Boyadjieff

Peter Boyadjieff is an artist born in Kazanlak, Bulgaria. He holds a Masters in Visual Arts and Design at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria (1983) with additional specialization in computer graphics, at the I.C.A.R.I. Institute in Montreal, Canada (2000). His allegorical images combine physical realism and poetic imagery in order to critically engage the viewer and convey powerful ideas in a broader cultural context. 

His work has been awarded many prestigious international awards, among which the First Prize at the 27e Salon du Printemps in 2012 (Canada), Highly Commended Artist award at the 8th British International Print exhibition in 2012 (UK), Gold Awards Winner in B&W Magazine in 2009 (USA), Honorary Mention at the International Art Miniature of Vieux-Lévis (Canada), First Prize and Invited Artist at the 28th Miniprint International of Cadaques in 2008 (Spain), an Honorable Mention at the 4th Muestra International de Miniprint de Rosario in 2008 (Argentina) and the 2007 Grand Prize at the 2007 International Digital Miniprint Bravo Est in Ottawa (Canada). His work has also been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions across Europe, North America, South America and Asia.

He was also a featured artist for the 2015 Art Venice Biennale in the ”Biennale Roadshow” (Italy), as well as a selected artist for Canada’s cultural program “The Living City” at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai (China). 


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Miniprint Kazanlak wishes to express its sincere gratitude to:

The Mayor and City Council of Kazanlak 

The International Jury comprised of Rafael Kenji, 
Kinichi Maki and Peter Boyadjieff

Hristo Genev and the Kazanlak Art Gallery

The Paris Art Gallery in Sofia

The Cultural Communities of Kazanlak


All the participating artists whose highly original and personal work has made the International Contemporary
Miniprint of Kazanlak 2016 possible!