The 2018 edition features over 450 works from152 artists coming from 40 countries, making it our most international event yet! Among this enormous range of compelling work, Miniprint Kazanlak was pleased to award the First Prize in Traditional Printmaking to Mikio Watanabe (France), and the First Prize in Experimental Printmaking to Yoshiaki Murakami (Japan).

We wish to express our sincere gratitude to the 2018 international jury comprised of Kouki Tsuritani (Japan), Renée Chevalier (Canada) and Peter Boyadjieff (Bulgaria). Their experience and commitment has allowed for a wide selection of varied and engaging work to take part in this edition, and further corroborates the Contemporary Miniprint of Kazanlak’s ambition in becoming a forum for discussion and collaborative exchange between artists and art lovers in the years to come.

ARGENTINA: Floki Gauvry, María Elena Mainieri, Eva Toker Jawerbaum AUSTRALIA: Cecilia Jackson, Sylvia Mekhitarian, Christine  Porter, Andrew Weatherill BELGIUM: Elvira Cerda, Bernadette Maréchal, Aura Op den Camp, Henry Pouillon, Laurent Wilmet BRAZIL: Maximiano Arruda, Cristina Bottallo, Adriano Castro, Regina Dantas, Carol Grespan, Vinicius Libardoni, ZeRo Schneedorf, Rosane Viegas BULGARIA: Peter Boyadjieff, Daniela Zekina CANADA: Suzie Allen, Shahla Bahrami, Valérie Boivin, Zenon Burdy, Renée Chevalier, Micheline Couture, Paula Franzini, Vanessa Hall-Patch, Agnieszka Koziarz, Yvan LaFontaine, Doris Lamontagne, Lauren McKinley Renzetti, David Morrish, Linda Suffidy, Valerie Syposz, Catherine Tam COLOMBIA: Andrés Felipe Gómez-Ríos CROATIA: Ivana Gagić Kičinbači, Marija Tomaz DENMARK: Annette O. Caspeller, Søren Kastalje ESTONIA: Eve Eesmaa FINLAND: Anna Arminen, Eeva Huotari, Janne Laine FRANCE: Hélène Bautista, Marcelle Benhamou, Mariela Canchari, Isabelle Gourcerol, Emmanuel Monzies, Eva Vermeerbergen, Mikio Watanabe GERMANY: Ursula Hülsewig, Heike Pander GREECE: Elsa Charalampous, Amaryllis Siniossoglou HUNGARY: Csaba Pál ICELAND: Rikhardur Valtingojer INDIA: Tapan Madkikar, Srinivasan Shanmugam IRELAND: Margaret Becker, Pamela de Brí, Ann Gilleece, Robert Kelly, Joan Gleeson, Josie McMorrin, Paula Pohli, Suzy Quirke ISRAEL: Yael Saranga ITALY: Sabrina Costa, Mauro De Carli, Laura Manfredi, Lara Vaienti JAPAN: Haruko Cho, Takashi Endo, Akihico Haraguchi, Tomoko Horiguchi, Ayako Iguchi, Suzuna Iwasa, Takanori Iwase, Tomoko Kanzaki, Toshimi Kitano, Isao Kobayashi, Kinichi Maki, Yoshiko Mino, Kayoko Moriyama, Yoshiaki Murakami, Yasufumi Takano, Kouki Tsuritani, Eiko Yamaji, Asuna Yamauchi LITHUANIA: Kristina Norvilaitė LUXEMBOURG: Serge Koch MEXICO: Roberto Octavio Georgge NETHERLANDS: Jaco Putker, Jozina van Hees, Saskia van Montfort NEW ZEALAND: Sue Cooke, Barbara Graham, Mark Graver, Neil Johnstone, Debbie McLachlan POLAND: Adam Czech, Agata Dworzak-Subocz, Hanna Grzonka-Karwacka, Antoni Kowalski, Franciszek Niec, Krzysztof Pasztula, Joanna Piech, Katarzyna Pyka, Anna Trojanowska PORTUGAL: Ana  Bellande, António Canau RUSSIA: Svetlana Vedernikova SLOVENIA: Franc Berčič (Berko), Jaka Bonča, Saša Gornik, Alja Košar SOUTH AFRICA: Eleanora Hofer, Gervasio Robles Hurtado SPAIN: Verónica Domingo Alonso, Iñaki Elosua SWEDEN: Bo Cronqvist, Maria Heed TAIWAN: Chia-Hung Kao, Hyun-Jin Kim, Tsai-Ping Shieh THAILAND: Thamrongsak Nimanussornkul, Weeraphat Suteerangkul TURKEY: Oya Pekmener UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE): Maitha Alsuwaidi UNITED KINGDOM (UK): Ian Brown, Colin Gillespie, Michelle Griffiths, Rebecca Jewell, Claire Mont Smith, John Read, Deborah Vass UNITED STATES (USA): Stephen Barnwell, Tatyana Brown, Karin Bruckner, Elizabeth Dove, Judy Gardner, Peter Hriso, Cynthia Milionis, Akemi Ohiara, Stefanie Ramsey, Victoria Star Varner, Sylvia Solochek Walters, Margi Weir


First Prize Classical.jpg
First Prize Experimental.jpg


Mikio Watanabe
Un papillon II / 2017
Mezzotint / 9.5x9.4 (19x19) / 1/5


Yoshiaki Murakami
Book of the Ship / 2017
Woodcut on Digital / 14x14 (19x19) / 1/30


Valérie Boivin
Selfie 1 / 2018
Digital print / 10x10 (19x19) / 1/5

Elsa Charalampous
Watching Paradise / 2018
Print on Velvet Fine Art paper / 10x10 (19x19) / 1/7

Takanori Iwase
To exit / 2017
Wood engraving / 9x10 (19x19) / 1/20

Rebecca Jewell
United Kingdom (UK)
Snowy Owl / 2018
Paper-Litho prints on feathers / 10x10 (19x19) / 1/1

Christine Porter
Magpie XI / 2017
Drypoint / 8x8 (19x19) / 9/30

Laurent Wilmet
Géométrie lunaire / 2016
Linocut / 9x9 (19x19) / 37/48


Kouki Tsuritani

Kouki Tsuritani is a printmaker and born in Tokyo, Japan in 1967. He tries to combine the philosophy of traditional Japanese art (such as Ukiyoe, which means “Floating world”) with traditional European printmaking.

He makes black and white mezzotints, photogravures and wood engravings, liking the rich harmony of monochrome and thinking it the most sympathetic for expressing the depths of our emotions and for reflecting the inner views of people who live in a “floating” modern world. He hopes that viewers of my works find them intriguing and are provoked to feel something of their lost memories.

Kouki trained in painting and printmaking at Kanazawa College of Art, Japan. He has exhibited extensively throughout Japan and in international exhibitions.

Renée Chevalier

Born in Cap-Chat in the Gaspé Peninsula, Quebec, Canada, Renée Chevalier holds a master’s degree in fine arts (painting), under the direction of the late Pierre Ayot, from the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). She has had several solo and group exhibitions.

According to Jean De Julio Paquin, historian and art critic, Renée Chevalie’s digital prints are “very appreciated in national and international exhibitions and contests. Her work becomes a great theatre where images are experienced in relation to the sublimated body and the world of knowledge.”

Chevalier’s visual research is multiform; her work is hybrid, as she explores digital print, drawing, painting, installation, and photography. She lives in Montreal, Canada

Peter Boyadjieff

Peter Boyadjieff is an artist born in Kazanlak, Bulgaria. He holds a Masters in Visual Arts and Design at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria (1983) with additional specialization in computer graphics, at the I.C.A.R.I. Institute in Montreal, Canada (2000). His allegorical images combine physical realism and poetic imagery in order to critically engage the viewer and convey powerful ideas in a broader cultural context. 

His work has been awarded many prestigious international awards, among which the First Prize at the 27e Salon du Printemps in 2012 (Canada), Highly Commended Artist award at the 8th British International Print exhibition in 2012 (UK), Gold Awards Winner in B&W Magazine in 2009 (USA), Honorary Mention at the International Art Miniature of Vieux-Lévis (Canada), First Prize and Invited Artist at the 28th Miniprint International of Cadaques in 2008 (Spain), an Honorable Mention at the 4th Muestra International de Miniprint de Rosario in 2008 (Argentina) and the 2007 Grand Prize at the 2007 International Digital Miniprint Bravo Est in Ottawa (Canada). His work has also been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions across Europe, North America, South America and Asia.

He was also a featured artist for the 2015 Art Venice Biennale in the ”Biennale Roadshow” (Italy), as well as a selected artist for Canada’s cultural program “The Living City” at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai (China). 


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Miniprint Kazanlak wishes to express its sincere gratitude to:

The Mayor and City Council of Kazanlak 

The International Jury comprised of Kouki Tsuritani, 
Renée Chevalier and Peter Boyadjieff

Hristo Genev and the Kazanlak Art Gallery

The Cultural Communities of Kazanlak


All the participating artists whose highly original and personal work has made the International Contemporary
Miniprint of Kazanlak 2018 possible!