Our third edition featured over 300 works from 92 artists coming from 34 countries, demonstrating the relevance and specificity of every creative act and corresponding to the explicit ambition of the forum. Among this enormous array of compelling work, Miniprint Kazanlak was pleased to award the 2015 First Prize for Traditional Printmaking to Rafael Kenji (Brazil), and the 2015 First Prize for Experimental Printmaking to Kinichi Maki (Japan).

More than ever, we wish to express our sincere gratitude to the 2015 international jury comprised of Guy Langevin (Canada), Ursula Hülsewig (Germany) and Peter Boyadjieff (Bulgaria). Their experience and exceptional commitment has allowed for a wide selection of varied and engaging work to take part in this third edition, and further corroborates the Contemporary Miniprint of Kazanlak’s ambition in becoming a forum for discussion and collaborative exchange between artists and art lovers in the years to come...

ARGENTINA: Floky Gauvry, Diana Kleiner, María Elena Mainieri, Eva Toker Jawerbaum, Irene Weiss AUSTRALIA: Katherine Marmaras, Cleo Wilkinson AUSTRIA: Manfred Egger BELGIUM: Henry Pouillon, Laurent Wilmet BRAZIL: Adriano Castro, Rafael Kenji, Maria Lucia Maluf BULGARIA: Peter Boyadjieff, Daniela Zekina CANADA: Margot Cormier Splane, Briar Craig, Madeline Deriaz, Eveline Kolijn, Yvan Lafontaine, Guy Langevin, Tabitha Logan, Lauren McKinley Renzetti, Valerie Syposz CHILE: Camila Zaccarelli COLUMBIA: Eduardo Esparza DENMARK: Annette O. Caspeller EGYPT: Mohamed Zakaria ESTONIA: Feliks Sarv FINLAND: Lars Holmström, Eija Pii FRANCE: Rebecca Allaigre, Frédérique Badonnel, Marcelle Benhamou, Mariela Canchari, Isabelle Gourcerol, Armelle Magnier GERMANY: Abel Dewitz, Ursula Hülsewig  GREECE: Amaryllis Siniossoglou  HUNGARY: Pál Csaba ICELAND: Rikhardur Valtingojer IRELAND: Bernadette Madden ITALY: Barbara Babiscia Fallini, Marcela Miranda, Paolo Pestelli JAPAN: Haruko Cho, Eiko Hiroki, Takanori Iwase, Kinichi Maki, Makoto Matsubayashi, Atsushi Matsuoka, Atsuko Minami, Yuki Nagashima, Mia O, Akiko Okajima, Takae Suzuki, Hiro-omi Takeuchi, Kouki Tsuritani KUWAIT: Bassem Mansour MEXICO: Lauren McKinley Renzetti, Luis Reynel, Antonio Ruiz HOLLAND: Nan Mulder POLAND: Adam Czech, Anna Irena Tomica SCOTLAND: Neil Johnstone SLOVENIA: Jaka Bonča, Sabina Siler Hudoklin SOUTH KOREA: Hyejeong Kwon SPAIN: Rosario Chincha Duran, Iñaki Elosua Urkiri, Omer Zaballa SWEDEN: Maria Heed, Ann-Kristin Källström SWITZERLANDAriane Blanc-Quenon TAIWAN: Hyun-Jin Kim, Mengling Liao UK: Melanie Gairns, Colin Gillespie, LUCE, Fiona Mill USA: Mika Aono Boyd, Stephen Barnwell, Brenda Diller, Elizabeth Dove, Matthew Egan, David Mazure, Marchelo Vera, Art Werger, Yoshiko Yoshida



Rafael Kenji
Abelha de Marnay-sur-Seine / 2014
etching and burin / 5 x 5 / 2/20


Kinichi Maki
Time Slip 3 / 2015
Digital print / 10 x 10 / 1/30


Ann-Kristin Källström
A special light that day II / 2014
collagraph / 10 x 10 / 1/10

Takanori Iwase
Flow (1) / 2014
Wood cut / 9 x 8.5 / 1/25

Kouki Tsuritani
They are always together. / 2013
Mezzotint / 10 x 10 / 1/40

Mohamed Zakaria Soltan
CGD (Digital) & X3 (LinoCut) / 10 x 10 / 1/5

Stephen Barnwell
GMO / 2014
Digital print / 10 x 8.5 / 1/100

Lars Holmström
Zona V-IV/B p / 2014
Digital graphic / 10 x 10 / 5/40


Guy Langevin

Graduated from Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières in 1977, Guy Langevin have made more than 60 solo exhibitions in Quebec, Canada, U.S.A., France, Belgium, Portugal and Germany. He has participated to more than 300 group exhibitions, throughout the world, including approximately 100 international biennials or juried exhibitions. 

Mainly known for his work in mezzotint, he gives masterclasses in many countries (Canada, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, China, USA). In 2006, the 7th Bharat Bhavan International Biennial allows its Grand Prize to one of his works. In 2009, he wins the Guanlan International Award, and an honorific mention at the First Fushun Biennial, both in China. In 2013, 3 International awards are allowed to his work. The International Mezzotint Festival, in Yekaterinburg (Russia), gives the Prize for breaking boundaries of the technique. The 7th Ural Triennial gives its First Prize to his work and the Iosif Iser Biennial (Romania) allows him the Prize of the City of Ploiesti. In 2014, he wins the “Graver Maintenant” Award, in Paris (France) and the First Prize for traditional printmaking at the Kazanlak Miniprint Biennial, in Bulgaria. His works are in the collections of many Museums troughout the world.

First know as lithographer, Langevin has made his first try of mezzotint technique in the middle of 80’s. All his artistic work has been influenced by this way of thinking after this date, even other way of expression like painting, drawing, installations, photography.

Ursula Hülsewig

"I am a Surrealist; my main subject of interest is reality and the possibility of cognition. At first I painted pictures without great reflections, enjoying the naivety of my imagination. But later, after studies in engraving, my interest in perception and cognition became the focus of my work."

Selected awards and publications include the First Prize in Experimental Printmaking (Miniprint of Kazanlak, 2014), Kaiser-Lothar-Preis (EVBK Prüm, 2013), Hülsewig Faszination Radierung Publication (2012), Ursula Hülsewig – Frühe Bilder Publication (2007) and Ursula Hülsewig – Surrealistische Studien (2002). Her work has been featured in solo exhibitions in Germany, USA, Belgium, France, as well as in group exhibitions in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Canada, England, Finland, France, Monte Carlo, Slovenia, Spain, USA

Peter Boyadjieff

Peter Boyadjieff is an artist born in Kazanlak, Bulgaria. He holds a Masters in Visual Arts and Design at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria (1983) with additional specialization in computer graphics, at the I.C.A.R.I. school in Montreal, Canada (2000).

Throughout his career he has worked in a number of art-related fields as creative and art director, including public art, corporate identity development and the integration of art in architecture. In the past decade, he has developed a strong interest in the field of printmaking and digital imagery. His awarded work has been selected and showcased in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Europe, North America, South America and Asia, and is part of many public and private collections worldwide.

Among others, his recent awards include being a selected artist for the Venice Art Biennale 2015 (Biennal Roadshow, Venice Italy), First Prize, 27e Salon du Printemps 2012 (A.A. de LaSalle, Canada), Highly Commended Artist (8th British Intern. Print Exhibition, London, England, 2012), Co Runner for Sustainability Reporting (GRI, The Nederlands, 2011), Selected Artist for Canada’s Cultural Program, “The Living City” Canada Pavilion (World Expo 2010, Shanghai, China), Gold Awards Winner B&W Magazine, Single Image Contest & Merit Awards Winner B&W Magazine (Single Image Contest, Issue 72, Novato, USA, 2010), Honorary Mention at the Internationale d’Art Miniature (2009, Galerie Louise Carrier, Vieux-Lévis, Canada), First Prize and Invited Jury at the 28th Mini Print International of Cadaqués (ADOGI, Taller Galeria Fort, Cadaqués, Spain 2008), “Honourable Menciones” 2008 (4 Muestra International de Miniprint de Rosario, Argentina), Artiste Selectionné Art Miniature Contemp. Musée de la miniature de Montélimar (France, 2008-06), and the Grand Prize at the 2007 International Digital Miniprint (Ottawa, Canada 2007). 


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The Mayor and City Council of Kazanlak
The International Jury comprised of Guy Langevin, Ursula Hülsewig and Peter Boyadjieff
Hristo Genev and the Kazanlak Art Gallery
Prof Dr Marin Dobrev, and the Stara Zagora Art Gallery
The Cultural Communities of Kazanlak
All the participating artists whose highly original and personal
work has made the International Contemporary
Miniprint of Kazanlak 2015 possible!